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12 October 2012 @ 09:15 am
I'm not really on here much any more. i do update but its not very often at all. I'm trying to change that but lifes so hectic right now.
Anywho, this is just a quick post to tell you guys if you want to see my sims and pics, you should follow me on tumblr. My simblr is http://dalainassims.tumblr.com.
I'm new to it but i've been updating alot and its quite fun.
Well that's all for now, see some of u around simblr and for the rest of you guys.. i'll be back with an update very shortly


02 September 2012 @ 06:32 am
This is Leah, another sim teen sim i made.
She's Skylar's bestfriend.

02 September 2012 @ 06:01 am

I've been gone for a long time I know. Real life has been really busy and after having so much problems with my game and laptop, I put my game on the shelf.

Well, now Im playing on my new laptop, but i lost my old games. My previous laptop is wrecked. Dead, so i lost literally everything i had, so im starting from scratch. Don't you hate when that happens?
But on the positive it gives me a chance to go on a downloading spree again.
As always I'm spending most of my time in bodyshop trying to rebuild my hood. Making over maxis sims, as well as some others. 

I think this is the most adorable teen girl I've ever made, so I wanted to share a pic or two.

Her name is Skylar Benson.
In my game, she is John Burb's daughter from a previous marriage. Although in maxis world Jennifer is his only wife. It's just my game play.

This is Faye.
Skylar's half sister. Same mum, different dads.

This is Zhen Cho
She was a maxis made sim, Etsu Cho. I renamed her and aged her. She's a toddler in the default game.

Savannah Riley
She is another maxis madeover sim. She's actually an aged up version of Sally Riley from BellaDonna Cove.
In my game her and Zhen are step-sisters as their parents are married.

05 March 2011 @ 04:12 pm
Carmelita Frederickson
One of my favourite new additions.

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16 February 2011 @ 09:34 pm
This is Kenya (L) and Somaya (R) Birago.
They are twins and I really like them.

16 February 2011 @ 09:15 pm
Felecity Ford is an old sim of mine i found in my sims "vault".
I've never really played her in game but i think she's pretty. :)

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16 February 2011 @ 08:57 pm
It's been a while since i've posted anything on here. I'm going to try to be more consistant.
I recently made some new sims.
Boredom took over so I went into Bodyshop and here's what i came up with.

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29 November 2010 @ 06:04 am
This is Cami Chynn
She's one of my favourite sims

and a couple shots of her and her cousin, Aaryn

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